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Alex, 22. Blogging from the Boston area.

I like all the things! I am in half a million fandoms, I like to write, I like to play video games, I like to talk about things that are serious and I really like to talk about things that aren't. I have a lot of opinions on media and narrative and am generally full of feels.

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The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I am lady Dean Winchester.

I watch Third Star too much.

***2012 & 2013 Nanowrimo winner****
flyingassassin said: Alex, sweetheart. I feel. That you should consider doing a bit of writing. And by no means does this mean that I judge you for not writing. But I feel. That you would be happier with yourself if you did, okay sweetheart? So no pressure, just encouragement. Love ya!


Ok this does not sound like you.

Were you that anon?