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Alex, 22. Blogging from the Boston area.

I like all the things! I am in half a million fandoms, I like to write, I like to play video games, I like to talk about things that are serious and I really like to talk about things that aren't. I have a lot of opinions on media and narrative and am generally full of feels.

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The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I am lady Dean Winchester.

I watch Third Star too much.

***2012 & 2013 Nanowrimo winner****
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I HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK and my blacklist and my extensions and omfg I’m so happy 


Sorry I’ve been absent guys, not having my personal computer is really weird. (I’m borrowing a friends, but Tumblr is almost unusable without my extensions.)

Quick update: I applied for a job with a company that is really involved in social media, which is great but I didn’t really have an instagram. So I made one just to figure out how it works, and so far I’m pretty meh about it. If you guys have/enjoy instagram and want to help me get more into it, follow me (same handle as on here) and I’ll follow you back and we’ll have fun or whatever.

Thanks guysss.


Neither God nor Jesus can convince me I don’t need this.


I can’t tell if I’m getting sick or if I’m getting allergies but either way I am grumpy

Anonymous said: what are your goals?

…hi there. Are we just asking random questions?

Ummmm…hm. I have a lot of goals. I would like to publish a book someday, but it’s not something I’m working hard towards right now. I write on a regular basis but more to keep the muscles loose at this point. I haven’t been working on a cohesive story for a few months now. I will at some point start doing that again. Perhaps soon.

A lot of my short term goals right now involve making money. Partly because I like things like clothes and makeup and books and video games and getting take out, and those things are expensive, but also because I would like to get to a point where I have a comfortable amount of money in my savings account, because I think that will be helpful to things in the future.

I also toss the idea back and forth of going back to school and at least getting my associates degree, since I already have a decent amount of credits, but that would involve getting some things like my anxiety under control far better than I have it now, and I think that may be more of a process than I am open to at this stage, if I’m honest.

Also you know, just being a decently happy human being. That’s a goal. That can be attained. Perhaps.

Enough of my life has been taking what comes at me and working with it, that I have learned I like my options staying fairly open. And that’s about where I am right now. Lots of open options and a fair amount of uncertainty about what comes next. But not in a bad way.

Hope that was a good enough answer >.>

Edit: See all the marvel movies. Fill the rest of my natural born life with every new installment in the franchise. Keep up with the comicverse even if I don’t read it all. Stay immersed in Marvel because it is almost certainly going to outlive me.


You know that feeling when you’re just waiting for your anger to dissipate?

Like a situation has been resolved, you’ve gotten everything you need or want out of it, literally nothing else can be done, and it’s over.

But you’re still fucking angry?

It sucks.


I have a real issue with the concept of permanency, as indicated by the fact I’ve lived here for about a year now and parts of my room are still packed. Working on fixing that.

(Roommate has offered solution to book storage that doesn’t involve me buying furniture, which I appreciate. Not because I don’t want to spend money but because owning furniture is a step too far for my comfort level. I’ve only ever had what I can store in a few boxes and backpacks.)

This is actually causing me a fair amount of anxiety whee.