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Alex, 22. Blogging from the Boston area.

I like all the things! I am in half a million fandoms, I like to write, I like to play video games, I like to talk about things that are serious and I really like to talk about things that aren't. I have a lot of opinions on media and narrative and am generally full of feels.

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The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

I am lady Dean Winchester.

I watch Third Star too much.

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The ninth and final chapter of Crawling Through the Last Damnation has been posted, making this my first completed multi-chapter fanwork!

To read chapter nine:


To read from the beginning:


Thank you to Stephanie for betaing the crap out of this story. And thank you to everyone who bugged me to finish it. 



Fandom: Third Star

Pairing/Characters: James/Miles


They had called each other a lot of things; Friend, Brother, Tosser. But they never called each other Lover.

They were both writers. They understood the importance of words. The power of the right words. The destruction of the wrong ones. And Lover is such a dramatic word anyway. Associated most often with words like tempest and affair, fire and destiny.

For them it couldn’t have been less dramatic; a gentle slide down a unremarkable slope. 

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I hate you with every fiber of my being.


Chapter 8: A Matter of Trust

Sam finally asks Gabriel and Arin to fill their end of the bargain. Dean makes plans with Emma. Castiel recovers from a risky decision, and Arin is faced with a difficult task.


Guys, this is the second-to-last chapter for this story, eek. I might want a cover when it’s done so if you’d like to help me make one drop by my ask box. I also might do a post-script author’s note for this, haven’t decided yet. Thoughts?


Chapter Seven: Crowned


Summary: Sam’s coronation. Dean and Castiel find themselves in trouble.

Chapter warnings: Sex and graphic violence.

Maybe I'm crazy...: dub-con, non-con, trigger warnings and you: a post about how not to do it wrong.


What it says on the tin. Before I begin, please note the following things:

a) I’m using the Stiles/Derek ship as a template here, because that’s what I’m currently reading heavily, and where I’m seeing a lot of stuff that indicates this kind of clarification is needed! However, the…

This is the best thing I have read on this mother fucking website and every single person needs to stop, read this, and share it. 


Chapter Six: The Leap of Faith


The one where they go to Hell. Dean and Sam both take personal steps they’ve been meaning to take. Castiel finds unexpected friends and Gabe and Arin are plotting again.


Here’s the thing about writing: I don’t want to write just to put words on a sheet of paper. I don’t want to write for the love of writing, though admittedly that helps. I want to write because there are stories that need to be told. Right now, my characters haven’t been born yet. Some of them have poked their heads out, but for the most part they exist in a space of prepubescence where they are both underdeveloped and uninteresting. They don’t have stories to tell yet, and I am perfectly content to let them simmer until they do. 

In the meantime, there exists in media an infinite expanse of characters who are screaming the stories they want to tell and nobody is listening. Media and literature are filled to the brim with characters whose potential will never be fully explored, because the parameters of their universe and the medium through which it is conveyed have limitations. Those limitations evaporate in fanfiction. Those characters are allowed to speak, those stories are allowed to come to life. I have the unique privilege of psychotic empathy with fictional characters, and the ability to speak for them. Not to do so because of social or literary taboo would be an injustice, and I’d be cheating myself and them.

You don’t have to understand the things I do or why I do them. You don’t have to understand fandom, because most people on the outside don’t understand it, and I made peace with that a long time ago. But don’t ever tell me I’m not a real writer because I write fanfiction. I am a good writer, and if I ever become a great one, fandom will be the thing that got me there.

So fuck you.


Just letting you guys know I crossposted my Sassy Exchange piece. That is all.

My Body Betrays Us Both

Tumblr, AO3, FFN

Summary: When Castiel is faced with a demon wearing Sam’s skin, what happens next may scar them both in more ways than one. My piece for The Great Blind Sassy Exchange 2.

Pairings: Castiel/Sam

Rating: T

Warnings: Torture, blood, angst, hurt/comfort, eventual fluff.

Thank you to Paula for betaing for me.


And we have chapter five! 

A New Hope: Sam and Gabriel go to confront Crowley and rescue Arin from his clutches, only to find out a secret they weren’t expecting. Dean follows his instincts, much to Castiel’s chagrin.